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Danny Porus is a popular American businessman and a former stockbroker. He was responsible for running a fraud stock scheme in the 1990’s.In a Hollywood movie, “Wolf of the wall street” the character of Dannie Azoff was loosely based on Porush. However, later he remarked that his depiction in the movie was inaccurate. 


Early life

Danny Porush was born to a Jewish family in February 1957. His father was a doctor. Speaking of his academics, he attended Lawrence Woodmere Academy and later became a part of Dickinson College, Pennsylvania. He went to Boston University but did not graduate and dropped out. However, during an interview, Porush told the media that he was struggling to establish a variety of small businesses at that time. 



Through his first wife, Nancy, Porush came across Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort was a successful broker and was a resident of the same building as that of the Porush family at that time. Nancy asked her husband to create some sort of friendship with Belfort as he was an established, successful, and kind person in NY. Porush met him, and Belfort convinced him to become a stockbroker. 


Porush took the Series 7 examination to get his hands on stockbroker’s license and then he became a part of the company where Belfort was an employee too. Later in the 1980s Porush and Belfort joined hands and started an OTC brokerage house in Long Island, titled “Stratton Oakmont”, which was an attempt at the classic “Pump and Dump” stock fraud scheme. 


By 1989, it turned out to be subject to any disciplinary actions by NSAD, and followed by a federal indictment in 1999, both Belfort and Porush were held guilty. Jordan, however, was bailed out later, Porush was denied bail and he was imprisoned for 39 months. 


Personal life

Porush’s first wife was his first cousin, Nancy. They tied knots in January 1986. They fell in love in 1984 when Porush was running a bike-messenger business in NY City. The pair were spending an apparently happy and luxurious life before Porush was caught by the FBI and imprisoned. 


They have three children together. They got divorced in 2000. The reason for divorce was Porush’s extra-marital affair with his then mistress Lisa Krause. She was pregnant. They got married in 2000. They have one child yet. 


Physical stats

Porush is 64 years old. His height is almost 5 ft 7 inches and he weighs around 78 kg. The rest of his physical stats are unknown at this moment. 


Danny Porush net worth

The current net worth of Danny Porush is around $10 million. He currently possesses a medical supply based in Florida. In May 2014, his company was subject to accusations of being a fraud because of Porush’s involvement. Later in July, Porush and 5 other personnel from the Board of Directors of the company were accused of alleging fraudulent Medical Claims, and a lawsuit was filed against them. It was initially dismissed by the court and refiled later. In 2015, the case was referred to the Federal Court for investigations by the FBI. The case was disqualified in January 2016. 


Porush is immensely famous and rich for his “Wall Street” scandal. He has reportedly looted and ripped off many rich, middle-class, and poor people who possibly have lost all their savings in this mess.


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