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Daryl Somers net worth:  controversies, personal life, net worth


Dary Sommers was born on the 6th of August, 1951, in America. He is a renowned Australian TV host and musician. He is popularly known for his long-running comedy-variety program, “Hey Hey it’s Saturday”. He is the winner of the triple Gold Logie Award.

Daryl Sommers has earned a lot of fame being a TV show host, however, there are some controversies that the 70 years old host has been facing. After the talks regarding Daryl co-hosting the show “Dancing with the stars: All-Stars” began to come out, various racist and controversial moments from his show “Hey Hey it’s Saturday” started resurfacing. Daryl is facing severe criticism from the media. 

Controversial moments

The famous comedy show Hey Hey it’s Saturday has aired various moments that depicted racist moments in the media. For instance, in one episode, Somers darkened his skin with makeup and wore a wig in order to mimic a Malaysian-born singer Kamahl. In another video, a member from his show smeared Kamahl’s face with white chalk dust. He also made fun of the singer’s facial complexion by saying that the lighting department wants the singer to smile so they could see him. 

Furthermore, in another video that went viral, Somers made a joke about a third-generation Chinese-Australian audience member while introducing her to the camera. When the woman mentioned that she belongs to Sydney. Somers made her fun by asking her, “You were born and bred in Sydney? I thought you were going to say your background is from overseas somewhere. So no one in the family speaks Chinese?” 

All of the above-mentioned controversial moments resurfaced when he made a comment saying today’s ‘cancel culture’ would shut Hey Hey it’s Saturday down. In an interview with Daily Telegraph, he expressed that he is not too pleased by the public’s shift in taste but he accepts the shift the world is taking. He further said, “A lot of comics can’t work much because what would have been just tongue-in-cheek previously now can easily get them into trouble. I can’t say I am enamored with it, but it is a changing world in which we live and you just have to work around things”. 

Personal life

Speaking of Daryl’s personal life, he is married to Julie Da Costa. She is a popular former principal dancer and a director of the Australian Ballet. The actual date of their wedding ceremony is unknown. The couple has often been spotted together at various events. They appeared in the Verse opening night in July 2018, at Bombini Buzz. 

Daryl Somers net worth

Daryl Somers’s current net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand. His possessions include stocks, properties, luxury goods, and a house. Daryl Somers has amassed a handsome amount of money as a host and a musician. 

Moreover, he released an album on the Sony BMG label titled “Songlines” in 2015. Daryl was the host of the live performance program “Dancing with the Stars” from 2004-2007. 


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