Latrell Sprewell Net Worth

Latrell Sprewell net worth: early life, career, personal life, net worth


Latrell Sprewell is a popular American former basketball player who had been playing for several top-notch teams during his career including the New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Golden State Warriors. The current net worth of Latrell Sprewell is estimated to be around $150,000. 

He helped the Knicks reach the 1999 NBA Finals and was capable of having four NBA all-star selections. Although Sprewell earned more than $100 million as salary alone during his career, his behavior led to various lawsuits, and his poor financial management led to his net worth degrading massively. 

Early life

Sprewell was a student at the Washington High School located in Wisconsin where he used to be an active player of basketball during his senior year. After some time, he decided to become a part of Three Rivers Community College and joined their Raiders Basketball team where he played for two years. 

After some time, Sprewell transferred to the University of Alabama where he played till 1992. 


Soon after his graduation, Sprewell joined the 1992 NBA draft where he was chosen by the Golden State Warriors being selected as the 24th overall. His rookie season was quite impressive as he got a lot of game time playing close to 70 matches in the season. Sprewell continued excellent performances in the coming seasons as well which made him stand out among the top-notch players. 

However, a major incident happened in 1997 that damaged his reputation throughout his career. In 1997, he was reportedly indulged in a disgraceful incident where he disagreed with the head coach of the time P.Carlesimo during their practice. 

As Sprewell was unhappy with some of the suggestions that the head coach was asking him to make, he got aggressive and started choking the coach for 10 seconds. Immediately some of the players broke in but Sprewell was still extremely violent and had some hard moments with other teammates too. 

This incident caused Sprewell to get suspended for an entire season by the NBA as well as the Warriors deciding to void the remainder of the contract that he had left that was worth $23 million. This led to a back and forth of Sprewell and the Warriors going to court over the decision. In the coming years, he had success with the New York Knicks even though he signed a $62 contract but later on, he faced problems being signed for his demanded salary. 

Personal life

As far as the relationship status of Sprewell is concerned, he has not disclosed the mother of his child, but the couple is not together anymore. There are several other controversies earned by Sprewell other than the choking incident. In 2006, he was charged with strangling a 21-year-old girl he was having an affair with. In addition to this, in 2007, he was sued for $200 million by a long-term partner. 

Latrell Sprewell net worth

As of the present year, the estimated net worth of Latrell Sprewell is around $150,000. He was capable of earning around $100 million as salary that he received over the years during his career. Unfortunately, due to some controversies, his net worth drastically decreased and he is living in a modest rented house in Milwaukee. 

On the account of financial mismanagement, Sprewell at one point owed around $3 million taxes to the state of Wisconsin. Moreover, he had millions in payment remaining for luxuries he had bought including boats that led to the foreclosure of two of his homes. 


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