Mike Mora Net Worth

Mike Mora current net worth: Life, Career, Personal life, and net worth


Mike Mora is a popular photographer and a real estate agent. He is the husband of a highly-acknowledged singer Kelis. The current net worth of Mike Mora is estimated to be around $300,000.

Early life

Speaking of his early life, Mike Mora was born and grew up in New York. Mora went to New York University after the completion of High School. 

Mike Mora Career and Net Worth

Mike Mora is basically a photographer and he has published a pool of his works on social media platforms. In addition to this, he sells his photographic works on a website. 

Apart from his passion for photography, he is also a real estate agent, by which he earns a handsome amount of money. As he makes more money in real estate, he has been actively working in this domain. 

Personal life

As mentioned earlier, the wife of Mike Mora is Kelis. They got married in 2014. Kelis is a well-known songwriter and singer who got immensely famous after the release of her debut album called Kaleidoscope through Virgin Records back in 1999. Kelis has been giving several hit albums over the years which have made it to the US Billboard 200. 

Mike Mora has got more limelight because of his spouse, as he, himself is a reserved person. This couple has two children. Kelis has one kid from her previous relationship as well. 

Though the couple has earned a lot of fame and popularity, both of them prefer to keep their life private. In essence, they have been living on a remote farm which is located outside Los Angeles. Mora has been through a very hard phase in his personal life because of his disturbed health. 

He started suffering from severe abdominal pain in 2020 and after consulting the doctor, he came to know that he had gastric adenocarcinoma. He did not take his pain seriously, initially. He was occupied with his work on the farm and it resulted in stomach pain. 

His health started declining over time and had been in the hospital for a long time. When this news became public, many of their fans started to send messages of support from all over the world. 

Mora kept posting pictures and messages on social media during this hard phase with the intention of inspiring people who were also being tested by life. In one of his posts, he also mentioned how the doctors told him that he has only 18 months left. Despite this, he had been keeping a stern mindset and willpower and eventually he wriggled out of that back-breaking phase. 

He has been immensely grateful to his wife Kelis for being with him in all ebbs and flows and for being extremely generous. 

Mike Mora Net worth

Currently, the net worth of Mike Mora is estimated to be around $300,000. Mora has earned this huge net worth through his career as a photographer and a real estate agent. However, his declining health conditions can lead to a reduction in his net worth as he is not actively working nowadays. 


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