Salt Bae Net Worth

Salt Bae net worth: early life, career, personal life, net worth


Nusret Gokce, famously known as Salt Bae is a young, well-known Turkish chef and restaurateur. He became material for internet memes in 2017 due to his unique style of seasoning and preparing meat. He is the owner of a chain of luxury steak houses called Nusr-Et. As of the current year, Salt Bae’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million. 

Early life

Salt Bae was born on the 9th of August 1983 in Turkey. His parents are Faik and Fatima Gokce. His father was a mineworker. He has three brothers, Ozgur, Ugur, and Erman Gokce. They all are chefs as well. 

Bae was a student at Faik Sahenk Ilkokulu. He left school while he was in 6th grade. As per reports, he was forced to leave the school in order to serve as a butcher’s apprentice in Istanbul. 


Bae has been working for free of cost in the local restaurants of Argentina and the US just to learn experience as a cook and start his career as a restauranteur. In 2010, he opened his first restaurant in Istanbul. Then in 2014, he opened another restaurant in Dubai. 

Salt Bae gained popularity in 2017 when some of his cooking videos went viral. He particularly went viral through a video titled “Ottoman Steak”, posted on his restaurant’s Twitter account. This video got around 10 million views on Instagram. In his videos, he was seen suavely cutting meat and sprinkling salt. 

His unique way of sprinkling salt gave him the title of Salt Bae. Although his dishes look scrumptious apparently, he has received multiple reviews from critics. Syeve Cuozzo, the New York Post critic called his steak mundane and hamburgers overcooked. Some critics described his dishes as over-salted and overpriced. 

Salt Bae has recently inaugurated his restaurant in London. He has shown a glimpse of his restaurant on Instagram. However, not everyone can afford the overpriced dishes at his restaurant. 

Personal life

Salt Bae’s relationship status is still unknown. No one knows if he is married or single. He was in a relationship with the co-founder of Nusr-et, Mithat Erdem. In addition to this, he has also dated the CEO of Dogus Group, Ferit Sahenk. 

Salt Bae net worth

Salt Bae’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million in the current year. His extravagant restaurants have amassed a hefty amount of money. Bae also owns a chopper and a lot of luxury cars. 

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